My name is Sarah, but I call myself Dakotah. I look normal, but I have Borderline Personality Disorder. Music is a form of therapy for me and helps me get through the day. 

I'm currently working on a new Album called Help Me Heal. It's about the journey of being diagnosed with a mental illness. Starting with confusion, fear, and despair, moving through acceptance and making healthy choices, to the acknowledgement that it's "never really over". As I live in Switzerland and would like to better reach the listeners here, I will be making a Swiss-German version as well as an English version. 

I'm hoping to help others with my music, the way writing it is always helping me.

Help support the music / Unterstütze die Musik

I'm a stay at home mom and fund the music production myself, so any donations would really help out. / Ich bin Mami und Hausfrau und wäre sehr dankbar um Deine Unterstützung.

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Honest Music

Dakotah, honest music, sissach

More and more musicians (both professional and indie) are relying on auto-tune or recording and mixing a song and then making a video for it. We hardly ever allow ourselves to be real and raw on videos. My good friend Alma Cilurzo started the idea of Raw Music, sharing her songs unfiltered and unedited.

So I decided to start making YouTube videos of my songs. This is my contribution to the raw music movement - honest music, me, my instrument, and my voice, just the way they are, imperfections and all.

Released Music

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...or Download Here

Break the Shell


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on YouTube

YouTube is the only "social media" channel I'm on because social media isn't good for my mental health, and I can ignore YouTube for months at a time 🤓

I'm currently working on new content though! Click the button above to go to my channel and subscribe to see what I'm up to.